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Give more sense to your event results. Help everyone to better compare performances with points from MERCIER-RIOUX SCORING TABLES.

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You are a professionnal and want to have an advanced tool to evaluate performances with MERCIER-RIOUX SCORING TABLES.

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We are proud to present you with MERCIER-RIOUX SCORING TABLES

We believe that Athletics is the most beautiful of all Sports. It is one of the only sports where you can measure performance, compare results and set world records. However, for supporters and even for experts, it sometimes get difficult to compare performances between different events and gauge the value of a performance. What is the best performance: 10.00s. at 100 meters M or 74 meters in the women’s hammer throw? It takes a very deep expertise to answer with confidence.

By meticulously analyzing all the Athletics performances of the past 30 years, we’ve found existing scoring tables quite limited and inaccurate. That’s why we developed the MERCIER-RIOUS SCORING TABLES, as a meaningful data-backed reference to compare Athletics performances.

We hope our approach will meet your expectations and your perception of the performance comparison.

Daniel Mercier – Nelson Rioux
Nb: 10.00 at 100m M = 938 pts
74.00m at hammer throw W = 949 pts = 9.95 for 100 m M